Blue Star Draft Horse Sanctuary

Photographer Cheryle St. Onge relished the opportunity to capture the beauty and spirit of Blue Star Equiculture for our story in the September/October 2016 issue of Yankee Magazine. The important work at the farm as a sanctuary for Draft Horses is unparalleled. Volunteers and staff devote much time and effort to the care and love of these gentle hardworking giants. Please enjoy this bonus collection of photos that we were unable to fit into the print edition.

See the full feature, The Promised Land,” in the September/October 2016 issue.


Rosie, one of many retired New York carriage horses, has found her final home at the farm.

Cheryle St. Onge

Piper, Merlin & Ben.

Piper, Merlin & Ben, three of the working horses who are such integral ambassadors to highlighting the work of the farm to the larger community.

Cheryle St. Onge

Halters hanging in the barn.

A collection of halters hang in the barn.

Cheryle St. Onge


Remix, one of several working Percherons on the farm.  He arrived at the farm with his two brothers Mario & Alfie & sister Piper.

Cheryle St. Onge


Rosie, a Standardbred mare, is one of the oldest residents at Blue Star estimated to be in her mid to late 20s.  She spent much of her life in Salisbury, Vermont and worked briefly as a racehorse, an Amish buggy horse and later a New York carriage horse before retiring to the farm in 2010.

Sonny, Feather, Penelope & Noodle.

Sonny with his mother Feather, Penelope & Noodle.

Cheryle St. Onge


Feather, a Percheron Mare, at rest.

Cheryle St. Onge

Sarah & Romeo.

Sarah with her constant companion Romeo, a former champion racehorse, and later New York carriage horse before his retirement to the farm.

Cheryle St. Onge


Foxy a 5 year old Shire is being rehabilitated on the farm and arrived with his 3 brothers Merlin, Tommy & Ben.

Cheryle St. Onge


Piper is a large dapple grey Percheron working on the farm with her 3 smaller brothers.

Cheryle St. Onge

Alfie & Merlin.

Percheron Alfie & Shire Merlin soak up the warmth of the sun.

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